Dementia Care

A team Approach

A multidisciplinary team approach is critical to improve the health of patients with dementia. We have expertise in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, collaborating with patients and their families to develop care plans that involve early intervention and management.

Did you know?

50 %

Social isolation was associated with about a 50% increased risk of dementia.

40 %

Around 40% of dementia cases may be prevented or delayed.

1 of 3

1 in 3 older adults will develop dementia during their life.

18 %

18% of cases are still preventable in later life.

Our treatment approach is built upon a strong foundation of evidence-based practices. We carefully assess each patient’s needs and make informed decisions about medication usage, taking into consideration both the potential risks and benefits. Additionally, we collaborate closely with a diverse team of specialists to provide comprehensive care, ensuring that patients receive the specialized expertise required for their individual circumstances.

Although there is no cure for dementia, there are treatments available to reduce symptoms and slow cognitive decline. The goal of treatment is to delay cognitive decline and improve quality of life. This is especially important in cases of Alzheimer’s disease where delaying the onset by just five years can reduce the risk of getting it by 50%.

We focus on lifestyle and behavioral changes, such as exercise, a brain-healthy diet, and cognitively stimulating activities. Our recommendations include ways to lower stress and get help for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health struggles.

We connect patients, their families, and other caregivers to vital support services. We provide assistance with counseling, support, education, resource access, and care planning.

We strive to provide the best in compassionate and comprehensive care.

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